Franchise Fleet Solutions

We provide fleet management solutions for franchisees, franchisors and private equity & holding groups.

fleet financing and fleet vehicles for franchise

At Pro Leasing Services we believe in building industry specialists and appointing a team to each client. Our Pro Fleet Advisors have worked with franchisees, franchisors and holding companies each with their own unique industry challenges. For over 30 years, our road-tested solution is to provide the most synergy between client, industry and fleet management.

No matter your business model, Pro Leasing Services provides small businesses and large corporations with first-class fleet management customer service and an overall lower cost of ownership.

Fleet Vehicles for Franchisee:

Your focus is your franchise, not your fleet – let us handle your fleet franchise objective - reducing the total cost of ownership for your fleet.

Fleet vehicles are crucial to delivering timely services and generating revenue for your business. We have vehicles ready right now at a low monthly rate. And you can count on us to upfit and brand your vehicles and handle all the other tedious responsibilities like titling, registration, compliance, fuel, tolls, maintenance, repairs, safety measures and selling/replacing your trucks at the right time to minimize your total cost of ownership.


  • Access to Fleet Line of Credit
  • Fast Financing
  • One Low Monthly Payment
  • Dedicated Pro Fleet Account Team

If you are invested in a franchise, call a Pro Fleet Advisor for best-in-class franchise fleet planning, pricing, financing, upfitting and management service.

Fleet Vehicles for Franchisor:

Whether you need step vans, utility trucks, cargo vans, sedans or box trucks, we offer fleet franchise leasing options that are flexible and affordable. Plus, we take care of your franchise fleet needs like cost-effective maintenance, telematics, and fuel management solutions, plus accident, safety and risk management, plus road-tested strategies and services that build your brand, lower total cost of ownership and increase safety, productivity, and efficiency.


  • Single-Source Fleet Management Provider
  • Fast Financing & Access to Credit Line
  • One Low Monthly and Bundled Payment

Franchise Fleet Vehicles

fleet vehicles for franchises
PLS is here to help you find what you need, and our team of experts can answer any question you have.

We will make sure your fleet meets your franchise brand standards and compliance. We will ensure all the necessary upfits are installed, your vehicles are professionally wrapped and your fleet is delivered on time.

  • Pickup trucks:
    Ford F-150, Ford F-150 Lightning, Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, Chevy Silverado
  • Cargo Vans:
    Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500, RAM ProMaster, Chevy Express & Extended, GMC Savana, Ford Transit
  • Upfitting:
    Custom Decalling, Window tinting, Manual Folding Ramp, Custom Shelving, Drawers, Pull Out Shelving, Half Shelving, Cabling Inventory Management, Cord storage & Utility hooks
  • Equipment:
    Air Compressors, Generators, Storage Bins System from Adrian Steel, Cord storage Ladder Racks, Roof Mount

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you can think of a national franchise, odds are we have worked with them and have a template ready. If you are interested in starting a FedEx P&D Business, check out our blog.

We offer in house financing up to $10,000,000. We upfit the fleet, deliver them anywhere in the country, and we have maintenance centers nationwide. We are the best, and fastest way for your franchise fleet to get off the ground.

Take to a Pro Fleet Advisor about how we can help your franchise