Fleet Planning

Your fleet is important to your company so you have to plan for every eventuality. Get in touch with a Pro Fleet Advisor who will analyze every aspect of your requirements and will provide an optimized fleet plan tailored to your exact needs. 

Many other fleet management companies push their clients into a prepackaged deal that isn’t a perfect fit. At PLS, we have a different vision for our clients – we are a custom fleet management provider.

We break down costs so there are no surprises and never pass fees onto our customers. We offer professional evaluation tools such as past performance data analysis which helps us understand where improvements are most urgently needed and how mistakes or maintenance can be avoided. Fleet planning absolutely integral to budgeting forecasts and the success of your business.

Making sure your fleet is well-maintained and running smoothly is critical to the success of your business. That’s why it’s important to work with a Pro Fleet Advisor who can help you plan for every possible scenario.

Fleet Planning Priorities

Once you meet with your Pro Fleet Advisor and Account Manager, they will provide you with a list of available vehicles tailored to your priorities and needs.

Whether you need more towing capabilities, carbon neutrality, increased fuel efficiency, increased cargo capacity, branding or other upfitting needs; your priorities are our priorities.

Our Pro Fleet Team will make sure your fleet is appropriately fit for the job to be done. Reach out to learn how a Pro Fleet Advisor can get you moving.

Vehicles / Selector List

We at Pro Leasing Services work with each customer to fulfill their specific fleet management needs; from vans, pickups or SUVs for delivery services all the way up through executive fleet vehicles.

We also offer electric cars such as Ford E-Transit, Lightning, Tesla models – so whether its gas efficient transportation options within city limits or long distance travel between cities altogether, see our list of vehicles below:

  • Box Trucks:
    • Ford P700
    • Ford P900


    • Utility:
      • Ford Transit
      • Ford E-P700
      • Ford P700
      • Ford P900


      • Cargo Vans:
        • Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500
        • RAM ProMaster
        • Chevy Express (Standard & Extended)
        • GMC Savana
        • Ford Transit
  • Pickup Trucks:
    • Ford F-150
    • Ford F-150 Lightning
    • Ford Ranger
    • Chevy Colorado
    • Chevy Silverado


    • Executive:
      • Audi
      • Mercedes
      • BMW
      • Tesla
      • Jaguar
      • Porsche
      • Range Rover
      • Rolls Royce


  • Electric:
    • Tesla Model S
    • Tesla Model 3
    • Ford E-Transit
    • Ford F-150 Lightning
    • Porsche Taycan

Monthly Budget Analysis

Our common thread has always been focus and commitment to provide fleet customers with creative solutions and customer satisfaction at the highest possible level. We’ve learned that businesses run better with one comprehensive, low, monthly billing system.

  • Single Monthly Invoice
  • No Variable Costs
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Small Print

We can work with all budgets and financing options to ensure the plan and fleet built for you will meet your needs.

Tech & Maintenance

By leveraging industry-standard benchmarks, we are able to highlight which assets need immediate attention. This allows for a more strategic approach in managing your fleet vehicles and reducing overall operational costs of operating them.

Fleet Safety

The open road is an unpredictable place. There are so many things that can go wrong, but with the right precautions in place you’ll never need to worry about your drivers or fleet vehicles again! We offer a Risk Management service which includes features such as outsourced accident management services for when something does happen; vehicle behavior data tracking what happened before it did (and why); along with driver safety training tailored specifically towards this job role – ensuring everyone who drives knows how important their task really is.

In addition to the above, we also offer a comprehensive insurance package designed specifically for those in the transport and logistics industry – giving you complete peace of mind that your drivers and fleet are always protected. No matter what happens out there on the open road, we’ve got you covered.

Fleet Remarketing

In need of a quick replacement or a fast way to get your fleet resale value? Let us help you get the most out of your fleet! With our industry-leading profit margins, we can give a fair price for the entire fleet in just two days.

We provide an unmatched leasing benchmark, you can get your Fair Market Value in just two days! Whether you want our help with all the vehicles on file or only one, contact us now and an advisor will take care everything while another sorts through any paperwork needed to make it happen smoothly – hassle free service at its best.

How can we help?

Do you need fleet vehicles? Financing? Immediate delivery? Contact a Pro Fleet Advisor now.

Pro Leasing Services has always been there for us and we would recommend them to anyone in the market for purchasing and managing their company’s fleet.

Fleet Leasing for Hoover Electric
Marcus Piwonski
General Manager, Hoover Electric

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