Commercial Fleet Leasing

We have over 100 years of combined fleet management experience to help you find fleet leasing options that integrate into your operational needs. We understand every business is different, so we’ll tailor a plan specifically for you.

Leasing a fleet can be an easy way to save money and reduce hassle – if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact a Pro Fleet Advisor.

With over 30 years of customizing fleet leasing, we know how to make any business run like a well-oiled machine.

Owning vs Leasing

Leasing Made Simple

Leasing a fleet of vehicles is typically seen as less risky than owning, but with added considerations like fleet lifespan, annual mileage, interest rates on loans, maintenance charges, depreciation and fleet disposal, the choice to either lease or buy becomes more complex.

Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you can save partnering with Pro Leasing Services.

Leasing Owning
Only Pay for the Portion of the Vehicle You Use Pay for the Entire Cost of the Vehicle by Financing or in Cash
Lower Vehicle Acquisition Costs Requires Significant Capital to Acquire Vehicles
Lower Monthly Payments Higher Monthly Payments
Monthly Payment is Matched to Vehicle’s Market Depreciation Monthly Payment is Not Typically Tied to Market Depreciation
Flexible Leasing Terms Inflexible Purchasing Terms
Short-Term Leasing Allows Temporary Scaling to Meet Peak/Seasonal Demands Under-Utilized Vehicles Are Retained for Longer Periods and Can be Difficult to Dispose
Save on Fuel and Maintenance Costs Establish Equity
More Cash Flow Flexibility More Budgeting and Forecasting Costs
More Control Over Vehicle Cycling for Lower Non-Preventative Maintenance Expenses Longer Lifecycles, Which Can Increase Non-Preventative Maintenance Costs
Cost-Effective, Simply Way to Upgrade to Newer Models Vehicles are Cycled Less Often Because of High Investment Costs
Lessor Takes Care of Vehicle Disposal Owner Must Arrange for Vehicle Disposal
More Control Over Vehicle Selection and Standardization Allows for More Vehicle Variety
Less Age-Related Maintenance Problems Owner is Responsible for All Maintenance and Repairs

Options & Features

Below are the available leasing options and features we provide. With our Pro Fleet Team always ready, we can modify your fleet vehicle financing strategy to help you keep up with changes in business and economy. We will make necessary adjustments that save time or money for our clients’ businesses; all while keeping their fleet running safely!

Closed-end Leasing

Looking for a low-cost, long term transportation solution? A closed-end lease is a great way to get into a new car without having to worry about depreciation. You have a set lease term and mileage limits, and you’re responsible for the vehicle’s condition.

  • Provides you protection against market risk
  • Guaranteed prices and terms
  • No commitment to sell or trade-in once the lease comes to a close
  • The leasing company is responsible for any additional depreciation to the vehicle below the residual value at the end of the lease.

You can’t go wrong with this option for your fleet!

Open-end Leasing

It’s a flexible and efficient way to get the most out of your fleet vehicles. The following reasons make this type of contract ideal:

  • You can terminate anytime after your minimum term with no penalty.
  • You can sell your fleet on the market if it’s more lucrative than keeping them.
  • If your business’s needs are always in flux or you need a quick turnaround, open-end leases allow for easy and painless termination.
  • If your fleet will be under heavy wear and tear due to industrial usage, an open-end lease will protect you from any future depreciation beyond the agreed value.

The only thing to consider is that if your market value is less, you pay the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you’re maxed out on credit. You can’t get a vehicle from your local dealership. Do you need your existing lines of credit for something other than vehicles? You could simply be tired of managing the fleet due to a string of expensive repairs because you do not have a fleet manager, or an in-house, on-site maintenance shop available.

You would only buy your fleet outright if your company has such a large amount of capital available that couldn’t be best used in other areas of your company and you have no fear of market depreciation.

A Closed-end Lease allows you and your company to budget all costs of your fleet into one monthly number. This allows you to use your capital more effectively in other areas of your business. Also provides the least amount of worry of maintenance costs.

You would choose this option primarily if you and your business have a good deal of experience in reselling and remarketing. If you don’t have an understanding of the future market(s) you can end up paying more.

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