Delivery Fleet Trucks & Solutions

Are you thinking about purchasing your own fleet? Talk to a Pro Fleet Advisor about how we can buy your fleet, and lease it back to you for a low monthly payment on a single invoice.

fleet cargo vans for delivery businesses
Contact Pro Leasing Services to get started fulfilling your routes. Think of us as the Freight Forwarder of Fleet Leasing!

Our experience in delivery fleet truck upfitting, route optimization, electrified fleet leasing, and on-board telematics can help take the stress out of running a P&D route. We also offer flexible leasing lengths, short term leasing for the busy holiday months, and we can buy back your route helping lower your costs. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of your delivery route, please reach out to a Pro Fleet Advisor, we are more than fleet vehicles.

You will not have to spec a cargo van, step van or delivery fleet vehicle. You will not need to wait for an installer. You will have your fleet delivered as quickly as you want.

Industry Knowledge You Can Count On

Industry Knowledge You Can’t Afford to Pass Up

We work with contractors who have routes for FedEx Ground and other delivery services. So, our Pro Fleet Team has years understanding the intricate delivery industry. Reach out to an expert to help build a fleet that works for you.

Expedited Financing

We provide financing for cargo and delivery vehicles within 2 business days. Hit the road immediately!

Unlimited Resources

Whether it is sourcing replacement vans during peak season or helping keep up-to ISP specification, PLS has your back.

Electrify Your Business

Electrify your fleet; optimize your business, reduce your fuel costs, minimize environmental impact, to ensure that your deliveries are as efficient as possible.

We have delivery fleet vehicles as well as a dedicated customer service.

At PLS, we have solutions to all the struggles you may be facing as a business owner running your own delivery route. From supply chain delays making you busier than you should be, to employees not working as well as they could be, to sky high gas prices – we can help!

Delivery Fleet Truck Professionals

lease fleet cargo vans for delivery
Are you looking for a single source fleet provider for all your fleet cargo vans, step vans and delivery trucks?

Look no further than PLS where each fleet is made specifically for an independent delivery company! We can help you with credit line financing, and guaranteeing the fleet cargo vans, step vans and box trucks are properly upfitted and delivered on time.

  • Included Features:
    • Ranger Shelving (Fixed And Folding)
    • Bulkhead Pass Through
    • Backup Safety Camera
    • Emergency Braking System
    • Blind Spot Cameras (Driver & Passenger Side)
    • Forward Warning Sensors
    • Rear Sensors
    • 360 Surround System
    • Telematics
    • Hill Start
    • Lane Assist
  • Ford Transit:
    • Engine: 3.5l V-6 Gas Engine
    • Length: 12′
    • Weight: 10,360 Lbs
    • Fuel Type: Gas
    • Cargo Capacity: 487 Cu Ft Of Cargo Capacity
  • Ford P700:
    • Engine: 7.3l V8 Gas
    • Length: 14′
    • Body Style: Step Van
    • Weight: 16,000 Lbs
    • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Ford P900:
    • Engine: 7.3l V8 Gas
    • Length: 16′
    • Weight: 16,000 Lbs
    • Fuel Type: Gas

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can! We conduct our analysis based on demand of route, Current expense tracking, Current cash flow trends based on above reporting, Cleanliness and availability of historical financials, overlap status, fleet composition and condition and please let us know if you have any additional questions.

2 years of taxes, bank returns, and our private credit check.

We can get your FedEx Fleet, from the moment you sign the contract to you in less than a week.

Take to a Pro Fleet Advisor about options for your Delivery business